Discover Hillside | Our Story


A hillside was mankind's first toy. A place where we learned the basics for a life spent seeking adventure. We ran and tumbled down, climbed and looked over, slept and dreamt on the side of hills before we conquered nature's monoliths. It is that feeling of new, of excitement and of innocence that inspired us to call our company Hillside.

On all of our products you will find the silhouette of Polar bear and the stars that dot our night sky. Those are there to remind us that we're all connected, beautiful and no matter how strong we are: fragile.

Founded in Monrovia, CA in 2012 our team of designers and innovators are made up of outdoor enthusiasts and travelers that are constantly striving to deliver sustainable and groundbreaking products. Our "Leave it Better" principal drives everything we do. Hillside plants a tree in California for every product sold and donates 5-10% of profits to reforestation.