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Our bags allow you to carry your heaviest items with ease by perfectly balancing the weight between your shoulders. Through body contouring rings and swivels our shoulder straps are also able to lay comfortably flat over the shoulders, even while in motion dramatically reducing pain.


Minimalist, multifunctional and sleek, our bags are correct for any occasion. The effortless transition from backpack to messenger bag can also be done on-the-move. Giving you secure access to your belongings at hip level, instantly.

(Note*Our transitioning system allows the user to switch styles while the bag remains looped around the body, making it one of the safest and most secure ways to carry valuables)


Hillside's entire collection is convertible, all-in-one and uniquely designed. An unparalleled life accessory to anyone who owns it, our bags are built around the user to provide comfort and bandwidth. They allow you to get things quickly and move fast comfortably. Created for professionals to paramedics...

One Strap System

Choose one shoulder or both.  Our patented system allows you to transition to and from messenger bag and backpack carry by simply dropping a shoulder strap or slinging another on.  The strap effortlessly reduces from backpack to messenger by creating a loop or closing one. 

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