Meridian V2.0 Nylon BagPack w/TSA Laptop Pocket
Meridian V2.0 Nylon BagPack w/TSA Laptop Pocket
Meridian V2.0 Nylon BagPack w/TSA Laptop Pocket
Meridian V2.0 Nylon BagPack w/TSA Laptop Pocket
Meridian V2.0 Nylon BagPack w/TSA Laptop Pocket
Meridian V2.0 Nylon BagPack w/TSA Laptop Pocket

Meridian V2.0 Nylon BagPack w/TSA Laptop Pocket


The Meridian is Hillside’s signature bag. A complete and extraordinary carrying solution with ample storage for day use, the Meridian boasts unbridled versatility for your everyday adventures. Its patented one strap system allows you to transition from backpack to messenger bag instantly on the body. Seamless, on-the-go transitions allow you maximum comfort and access to gear at any point throughout your day. This dramatically helps to save time, increase comfort and reduce stress. The Meridian is life changing.

If you are wearing your bag on one shoulder, you are doing it wrong! Plain and simple. If you’ve worn a heavy bag on one shoulder you will never get back the damage and pain that has caused. The Meridian is not a compromise, it is a revolution!

With every last piece of hardware being made of metal, 2-inch seatbelt straps and durable 400D nylon, this bag is built to last. Coming in speckled Graphite, the bag is trimmed and finished to perfection. Suitable for any boardroom and perfect for first class travel, the Meridian's versatility in both fashion and function is unmatched and second to none. Now fitting most rolling luggage through the handles!


• 400D Water resistant Nylon/Poly Shell • Metal Hardware

• YKK zippers

• Water resistant liner

• Ballistic Nylon 2-inch seatbelt strap

• Non-slip shoulder pads

• Oversized Clips and Rings

• Padded neoprene main compartment sleeve


• Dimensions: 16” x 12” x 3.5”

• Total Capacity: 11 Liters

• Rolling luggage compatible

• Dedicated Padded TSA Laptop Pocket on back panel: Up to 15.5-inch Laptop

• Internal padded main compartment sleeve for tablet or personal Laptop

• Zippered and leather trimmed privacy pocket in main compartment.

• 4 internal pockets for storage

• Outer Zippered convenience pocket

• Shoulder Strap with removable shoulder pad.

• Anti-slip shoulder pads

• Water resistant liner to catch spills

• 2-way zippers on main compartment

• Quilted Liner Features:

• Instant transitions from Messenger Bag to Backpack

• Rolling luggage compatible handles

• Safety technology: Lockable main compartment, on the body transitions, Ballistic nylon strap

• Gravity assisted weight balancing

• Bio-Mechanical design

• 3D shoulder contouring

• All in one design: Backpack, Messenger, Cross-body and Briefcase

• Boardroom ready

• TSA Ready

• Tactical readiness

• Dynamic stabilization: Bag moves with the body without jerking

• Double Laptop storage

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Bag

The versatility of the bag is apparent right away and it's made extremely well; I definitely don't worry about having any issues with the zipper, strap/s, or any other handles, it's here to stay!
The reason it's not 5 stars is due to the strap twisting and the movement from the pad. This generally happens as it isn't the easiest to transition. I will admit that I practiced getting this to happen a bit easier and that helped but the strap is in a constant twist as it moves to easy through the rings in the shoulder pad.
Overall, I absolutely recommend this bag to everyone - It's a beautiful bag - well made - and versatile. I'll take that for momentary frustration, once it's on, I'm proud to have it.

Wanted to Love this bag

I really wanted to love this bag - but.

What I do like about it - I like the material and color, very sleek looking. I like the small form, ( even bought a smaller computer so I could use this bag)*.

What I don't like - I find it very difficult to transition into the backpack, it may be my issue being short and a bit overweight, not sure, but no matter how many times I tried, it just never transitioned smoothly and I looked like a turtle stuck on it's back albeit upright. The removable shoulder pad is kind of useless, I was able to get the connectors slimmed down, but it never lands where it should, on the shoulder after transitioning.

It does hold everything you might need in a laptop bag. The inside is black so it can be difficult to see inside.

IF I use this bag at all in the future it will be as a briefcase and/or messenger bag only.

*I have a normal 15" laptop that does not fit in this bag - I needed a new computer anyways so getting this bag was the push I needed to get a new smaller laptop.

Pretty good bag!

This is a nice bag. It's a fairly slim profile, yet has lots of pockets and fits things nicely. More than enough room for a 13" laptop, a tablet, all sort of connectors, books, sunglasses, etc. The construction seems to be fairly high quality as well, with one exception (described shortly). The conversion to a backpack is quite easy and convenient.

There are two design issues I'd like to point out. The first one is that there is no easy way to attach this to carry-on luggage. The handles are not wide enough to fit over my suitcase handles. Thus, I had to buy a third-party strap to connect the bag, which is rather inconvenient. Most other bags of this form factor have some sort of sleeve to attach to the suitcase handle, so the omission here is slightly disappointing. The second design issue is that the nylon strap is very smooth, and therefore does not permit a good hold when using it on your shoulder. The provided shoulder pad is small, an awkward shape, and not very effective. I find carrying this with one shoulder to be difficult - it always slips down.

Lastly, I've only had the bag for a ~month, but some of the material on the handle is already starting to peel off. I hope this is just a fluke and not indicative of overall quality.

Despite these issues, I do find the bag very nice to look at and use, and do highly recommend it. I would probably purchase another one if I lost my current one.

Excellent bag

I’ve had quite a few bags over my career. Most being backpacks, but now as a manager I was looking for something a bit more professional. This bag is great for that role! It can hold everything I need: my laptop, some paperwork, pens, accessories. All in style. My only gripe is that the zipper is a bit rough on my laptop so I have to be careful. The hardware is high quality and I’m sure this will last me for years.