BagPack: Convertible Messenger Bag and Backpack

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Messenger Bag + Backpack = BagPack  

Whether it's a messenger bag that converts into a backpack, or backpack that converts into a messenger bag, what Hillside has created is a completely new system that allows you to utilize your bag like never before!  More agile than a messenger bag and more accessible than a backpack, the Bagpack combines all the advantages of both styles of carry while leaving their weaknesses behind.  It is designed around a single strap system that effortlessly balances the weight between both shoulders.  That same system also allows the bag to slide instantly into a messenger bag, giving it unparalleled comfort and usability.  

Our bags are special because they are not your typical hybrid with convertible straps that are otherwise tucked away in some pocket or compartment.  Our patented system is designed as a single functioning mechanism with you at the center.  It stays centered with and moves with your body like no other bag can.  In less than an instant, you can dive into your bag and get what you need while your moving.  When you're traveling further or with added weight, you can load evenly on both shoulders to maximize comfort.  

Able to be accessed single handedly on the side of the body, in messenger mode the Bagpack allows people to grab and stow things on the go.  Beyond just saving time throughout your day not having to stop and put your bag down to get stuff, the Bagpack also transitions while on the body.  Since the strap is always at least around one shoulder, even while getting what you need, it is extremely safe because it is always firmly attached to the body.  This gives you peace of mind when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Throughout our travels around the world, as both professionals and pleasure seekers, we noticed that no matter how great over-the-shoulder bags are for convenience, they really tend to harm the body over time.  The imbalance of weight and favoring one side over the other constantly, causes debilitating aches and pains.  Prolonged, these nuisances can get worse and turn into serious injuries.  The Bagpack gives you considerable relief from that by giving you the option to easily divide the weight symmetrically on your body at any time.

The bottom of our bags can pendulum back and forth.  This unique feature allows the weight to stay centered on the body as well as balance the weight through the use of gravity.  Once you put on our bags as backpack the weight will balance itself and distribute evenly between the shoulders.  That eliminates the need for constant adjustments compared to traditional backpacks and adds comfort.      

Although the Bagpack has many advantages and features over traditional messenger bags and backpacks, it is more simple in design. Using a reducing loop as the main strap, we have eliminated the clumsy tailings and rigid sewn in connections used on backpacks.  Leaving you with a clean profile less prone to snags and catches.     

Our team has deconstructed what it means to carry stuff in a bag on your shoulders and created something profoundly new.  The Bagpack's unique design gets rid of the unnecessary confines traditional messenger bags and backpacks.  We have defied convention.  Suddenly, getting what was on your back into your hands quickly has never been easier.  Carry how you want with the Bagpack!  You will never go back!  



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