Bagppack: Piggy Back System

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Designing a smart bag has been the goal from day one.  To us, it wasn't about bolting on as many features as we could by adding this and that.  It was about really deconstructing the concept of a bag and creating something new.  One of the best features we built in is the PiggyBack.  

Piggy back rides are the greatest and our bags can give each other a ride!  Simply clip one bag to another using our rings and be ready for anything.  Our straps are interchangeable so you only need to bring one.  Our bags will still function and transition like normal.  It's the perfect solution fo business trips.

You can use anything to pair up the rings.  We like using Size 4 Nite-Ize S-biners to complete the task.  Leave your overnight bag in the hotel and tackle the day with your smaller Meridian. You can do 2,3,4,5... bags linked together.  We've seen some crazy stuff.  To each their own!   

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