4 Rings To Rule Them All!

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4 rings are the backbone of Hillside's transitioning system. Oversized and over-gauged, these metal rings make all the magic happen. It allows a backpack to be done with a single strap. This feature gives the Bagpack unbelievable advantages over a traditional backpack. Not to mention the ability to convert into a messenger bag.

Unlike backpacks that have straps that are attached at the bottom, our bags have a single strap that passes through two rings at the bottom. In backpack mode the rings allow the weight to be evenly distributed between both shoulders. Gravity assists the balancing of the weight which makes this feature feel automatic. That same feature also allows the bottom of our bag to slide and swing with your body. That means you no longer have to worry about your bags jostling you around as you run or move dynamically. Moving around with all your stuff has never been easier or more comfortable.

When you do need to grab something from one of our bags, you never have to put it down or remove it from your body. Simply by dropping a shoulder the rings allow the slack given by unslinging one shoulder to pass through to the other side creating a messenger bag. This is seamless and the transition is instant. Our bags are designed to be accessed as a messenger bag so you’re ergonomically covered. Access to your stuff is incredibly easy and safe because you don’t have to put, what was previously on your back, down to grab something. You’re able to save time and get your things out with ease. With our bags you can do more, quicker without any compromises.

So the question then becomes: Why own backpacks and messenger bags now that you can have a bagpack, that does everything… only better!

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