A Ruck for operators and Corpsmen

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I'm not a serviceman and I admire them for being something that I am not.  Men and women who put their lives before others are honorable in the most righteous way.  Often underfunded and under appreciated the same people that answer our calls for help aren't given the same ear as we receive.  However, despite all the politics and controversy we can all agree on one thing, they are essential.

In learning how to use the Bagpack our team continues to stumble into uses for this system.  This may be our most important yet.  The Bagpack system is essential for servicemen.  

Time is life!  When seconds matter nothing is more important than saving precious seconds.  Except perhaps getting the gear you need quickly.  The Bagpack allows its users the ability to save time when they need it most.  When someone is under the immense pressure of a life and death situation every second is a shift in either direction.  A second too late and you lose, a second sooner and someone lives.  

The Bagpack saves those seconds because of it's quick transitions and easy access.  You can't run with a messenger bag but you can with the Bagpack.  The essential benefit in pressurized situations is that, unlike a backpack, you don't have to put your bag down.  It's always connected to you so that means you never have worry about having to leave it.  

Bad situations happen anywhere and everywhere, usually occurring in the most adverse conditions.  They happen on steep mountain sides, in 3 feet of powder, in the mud, in the rain, in water and on uncertain footing.  In those situations putting down a pack to search for gear might mean losing or compromising what's inside.

The Bagpack stays at your side at all times.  This allows the user to get what they need easily when they need it.  He or she also gets the benefit of "feel to find".  You can save time by feeling for what you need.  By doing that you can keep your attention on the task at hand.  Whether it is monitoring someone's condition or keeping your eyes on target your hands can find the gear while your eyes are on target.  This saves time and makes the task easier to complete.  

If something happens when you are on scope and you need to move, sometimes you do not have the luxury of retrieving your gear on the ground.  When the bag is on your body -- you don't lose anything.  Our bag moves with you from site to site and person to person.  When you need to move fast you can sling it back on as a backpack and run or ride to your next task.  

Get what you need when you need it.  Have gear attached to your body at all times.  Save time and save people.  These are things that the Bagpack allows you to do.  If you think you need it, don't hesitate!  

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