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SMEDS stands for: Small, Multipurpose, Easy, Dependable and Smart.  These are attributes you should look for when shopping for gear.  Notice we didn't mention fashion, technological, popular, emergency and fun.

Looking for these attributes gives you the most functional gear that helps you be more productive and free.  SMEDS should describe everything you have with you everywhere if you are a modern professional, or traveler.

Small: Save space and weight so you can carry more.  Portability is increased when items are small.  They might be a little harder to use but they are there when you need them.  It's a small sacrifice but a necessary one.  If you’re lacking a small deodorant bar in Thailand and people will notice.

Multipurpose: Think of things like your smartphone or laptop. You can use them for business or pleasure but they provide you a lot of power in a small package.  That gives you bandwidth!  A good pair of Merino Wool socks are professional but also provide all day performance is an excellent example.

Easy: Easy to use gear is gear that you will use often.  Buy things you can understand and that provide capabilities worth their size and weight.  For example, lightweight-compressible jackets are awesome because they're easy to use, carry, provide warmth, a pillow, and weather protection!

Dependable: Items that are dependable give you value beyond their price.  Having something you are an expert at using, that you can depend on, are irreplaceable additions to your EDC gear.  A small, super sharp, travel safe, non-locking, lightweight knife is an addition to your pack that you will never regret having with you.  Unless you lose it... that's the only time you will regret it.

Smart: My smart filter is this: If you haven't used it 3 times in 3 weeks and you're carrying it with you... it is not smart.  Smart gear is useful gear.  The smartest thing you can carry with you is the thing you use the most often.  Of course it could describe what you carry, and that definitely applies like a smart multi port usb charger, but it really means that it's something smart for you to carry.  An example is a small and powerful flashlight.  If you travel in the dark or find yourself outdoors in the evening this is a smart choice. 

Carry what you need for all aspects of your frequent life.  Don't prepare for things you don't frequent.  Remember SMEDS it will help you.

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